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How can I measure grams without a scale? Answered

For those who have done the measurements for thermite..  I know you're supposed to measure the iron oxide and AL powder by weight but does anyone have the measurements like in teaspoons or whatever because I dont have a scale.. Thanks in advance for your answers.


Burf has the right idea. If you do a bit of research on coins, you will find the readily available weights (or combinations of) that you will need.

You could use a triple beam balance!

Make a balance beam with a cup at each end.

Move the pivot so that the two sides' lengths are in the same ratio as the ratio of the masses of the ingredients (8g rust to 3g aluminium, I think).

Pile your oxide into the short side, and the aluminium into the long side, and, no matter how much you are making, if the beam balances, you will always have a mixture that works.


7 years ago

You can always make a reasonably accurate balance scale and use coins as the counterweight.
For U.S. coins a copper plated penny weighs apx. 2.500 g
a cupro-nickel,5 cent piece weighs apx. 5.000 g
a dime is apx. 2.268 g
a 25 cent piece is apx. 5.670 g

Don't use volume measurements, ever. Volumes can vary wildly, weight is nearly always consistent.


You can make a balance scale with a 12" ruler :-
Notch it at 6" and put on a vertical sharp edge.
Use blu-tack or similar to attach a small plastic cup at each end so it balances.
Use weights as mentioned above.

A pinch of iron oxide, a smidgen of AL powder, and a dash of kaboom.

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