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How can I measure the high stall current of these motors without melting my ammeter? Answered

I would like to measure the current of a couple 24VDC motors that I own.  I have always measured stall current on my model trains by connecting my ammeter in series with the motor, forcing it to stall, and supplying what ever voltage I expected to be operating the motors at.  I think if I do that with these other motors and a couple car batteries, I will very quickly fry my meter... I am expecting two- to three-hundred amps.. 

Someone help, please?  you lurking out there somewhere, Kip :P?


I'd use a clamp-on, like A. suggests.


6 years ago

Use a current shunt and digital milivolt meter.
Some times Iv seen these on sale for under $20.

Another way is a DC clamp on Ammeter ( see pic )
mine delivers output to a Fluke set to dc millivolt peak hold.