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How can I modify a drinks chiller running at 10c-18c to run at temperatures of 0c-5c? Answered

Help. I want to convert the baumatic bw18 drinks chiller into a refrigerator. The cooler runs between 10c-18c. I need to alter it to run at 0c - 5c. Is this possible? What parts can I modify? Do I purchase or modify the thermistor? I think it is more involved than resetting an appliance timer. I need to convert this model specifically. Here is the product link. http://www.baumatic.co.uk/products/catalogue/refrigeration/winecoolers/BW18



The easiest way to make it colder is to increase the insulation. You COULD add extra/more powerful Peltier cells, but you'll also have to reject that heat from uprated heatsinks, and add bigger powersupplies. Cells are rated in terms of maximum delta T (temperature difference) And Maximum pumping power. THESE ARE NOT AT THE SAME TIME. A 300W 70 deg C cell - 200 USD worth of cell, can give you 70 degrees at zero heat flow, or 300 W of heat flow at zero temperature difference. The sweet spot is around 50/50, so I actually have a 150W 35 deg C cell in maximum working condition. As you can see, minimising the amount of heat the cell has to pump makes a huge difference to performance. I'vecommented in other answers on improving fridges. You can find that lapping the heatsink perfectly flat and using the absolute bare minimum of the best heat transfer compound you can buy (Arctic SIlver ??) and you can get even more performance out of even cheap Chinese cells.

It uses a Peltier system. That's a plate that gets hot or cold depending on how it's controlled basically. Your system is probably running a maximum efficiency now. Peltier chips are available on the net and you would have to figure out how to add one or more chips to take more of the heat out of the ref. As you get colder cooling is less efficient. I've not worked with peltier chips before so I don't know if they have a lower limit or not. It would be easy to find out by googling peltier. You are luck in that respect since it probably is doable by a diyer. My ref. uses a compressor and cooling tubes and would be very difficult to modify. I guess I could add peltier cooling to it in addition. Hey, when you figure out how to do it make and instructiable for the rest of of. There might already be one, I'm gonna go check. Good luck.