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How can I mount Bamboo without drilling/screwing into it? Answered

I want to mount quarters of Bamboo on the corners of a room in my house to give it more of a themed atmosphere. I'd like to avoid pushing screws through the Bamboo for aesthetic sense. Is there a good way I can mount the bamboo on the walls? The solution needs to be generally non-permanent, though I don't mind screwing into the walls.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I done something similar called a "false beam system." Basically, you build three or four  1 ft. long edge nailed pieces of 1 inch x 4 inch (or whatever dimension you need for the width) pieces of white pine into an 'L' shape. Fasten these in the corner, one at the top, one at the bottom the rest evenly distributed in between. Then you just glue the hollow beam (bamboo in your case) to the edges of the pine.
I've attached a crude drawing I made illustrating what I am trying to describe. Red is  the bamboo, green and blue are the 1 x 4 L's and gray is the wall.

corner beam.PNG

My two cents worth. 100% silicone caulk. I have used it to attach a heavy white board to two electrical conduit. When it dried it stayed, I also silicone the radio down (dummy co worker kept moving it around.) It stayed very well and the look on the guys face... priceless. Sense silicone is pliable you can work to get it off the area if you needed to. Luck you got the big bamboo. We can't get it here in utah.

Two ideas:

If you drilled the wall, inserted wall-plugs then screws, you could glue magnets to the bamboo (on the out-of sight side) to line up with the steel-screws.


I would think lashing(tying) the bamboo  would be a good approach, given that the lashing can in itself be aesthetically appealing. You would have to drill into the wall, unless there is somewhere you could hang it from. As for string, I would use something light and probably brown. But thats up to you and you color scheme.

If it is thick bamboo, and you just want it to stand in the corners, and it is unlikely to be bashed by pets and children, just cut the lower end of the bamboo off at a shallow angle.

Stand the bamboo in the corner with the "pointy bit" furthest from the corner, and the bamboo will lean into the corner.

Liberal application of Blu-Tac would do it, as long as they're in an area where they aren't going to get bumped into very much.