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How can I mount cables under my computer desk if the desk is hollow plastic? Answered

I want to do something like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Computer-Cable-Management-on-the-Cheap/

Sadly, my desk is plastic.  I'm in highschool so buying a new desk is not really an option I can afford.  However, I have a lot of cables because I have two computers, a webcam, joystick, speakers, and a KVM box.

Thank you for your help and suggestions guys! 


simple! duct tape! alots of it. or the less fun way would to be by some velcro cord ties and some super glue super glue a bunch to the bottom of the desk that way you can move the cables easier

There are self-adhesive pads which you can run wire ties through, and use those to bundle the cables out of the way. Simple and effective.

(Though my own solution has mostly been to shove the cables down behind the desk and then just learn not to kick them.)

Use super stick velcro. It's available at auto parts stores and hardware stores.


7 years ago

I would glue small pieces of particle board or plywood with contact cement to the places where you need to mount a bracket or connector.

Rough up the plastic with a piece of coarse sandpaper, clean off any loose residue and then glue the plywood blocks to the plastic in the appropriate places. You can then put screws into the blocks of wood.