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How can I open the earphones of the Sony NWZ S639F mp3 player to replace its cable? Is there a non-destructive way? Answered

These are normal headphones (not those with active noise reduction). I think they are used in many Sony walkmen. The cable is just too tiny -- I want to replace it with a stronger one.



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Alex is right - the wire used in headphone leads is really really difficult to work with.
All the threads of the left. right and earth cores run alongside each other. There might be six cores for each and each core is made of an extremely thin plastic thread coated with the copper and then coated with another very thin plastic insulation - this is how all the wires don't short-out. The different signals are colour coded.
If you were going to do this you would be best to start with a new stereo plug (these are quite inexpensive) wire your own cable to it and then - at the headphones end I wouldn't try to dismantle the earpieces themselves but cut the wire about an inch before the earpiece strain-relief.
Now you will have to tease out the two sets of 'wires' going into the earpiece from each-other. Next you will need to connect these to the new stronger wire coming from your new plug.
This is the really difficult part because when you touch your soldering iron to these wires they will shrivel-up. Good luck with attempting this - I have done it but it is really hard.
Don't forget to slip your heat-shrink tubing onto your wire before you solder then together.

NOTHING on instructables is
=non destructive=

Another note: the green wire is usually ground.

Their is only one way out of this problem.Firstly, you have to remove the earphone cover in any possible way, for that you can use blade or an screwdriver.Later, you just see the colors of the wire and join them.Then apply some powerful glue to get it new as it was in beginning.This is somewhat risky else their is no possible way.

you can't do it without destroying your headphones the headphones come apart fairly easy