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How can I permanently drive away black/gray squirrel? Answered

I am a back yard garden enthusiast. I am now disgusted because squirrels destroy my veggies. I want the squirrel to go away instead of me killing them ( I am afraid to kill anyway).


Short of killing them (more humane than maiming, I suppose), there is little you can do. Perhaps a dog or some hardcore cats.

If you spill or spray your own urine along the perimeter of your garden that will keep those critters away. Animals are territorial and your scent will tell them that that patch belongs to you. This have worked for me and some other people that I know.
I heard that squirrels hate cats for some reason. Having a cat might help!

 owls and obstacle courses are great like yoyology and RMS said but the most effective thing (in my opinion because it solved my moms squirrel prob) you need to get a cat or dog once the squirrels see the cat or dog they will realize that it is not worth getting killed for but another thing you could do is set up motion detectors around the squirrels normal "path" and get the motion detectors that make the noise and that will most likely drive it away but if it has a nest in a tree in your yard dont plan on driving it away any time soon becaue she probably has babies and wont leave them but if she does have babies wait untill the fall and then remove the nest or you could do it in the summer to but it has to be mid to late summer


8 years ago

I have head that there are sonic squirrel repellents that are effective, but I've never had a squirrel problem, so I can't confirm nor refute the claims.

Have you considered a hawk decoy? They are supposed to scare away rodents, squirrels, birds, and other critters that try to snatch your crops. Owl decoys are also said to be effective.

This is something that gardeners and backyard birders have been fighting with for as long as humans have domesticated plants.  Squirrels are fiendishly clever and will go to great lengths to reach a food source, as in this video.

There are lots of ideas at sites like this, but they really amount to telling you that the best you can do is a holding action.  Short of a completely enclosed garden, you are out of luck.