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How can I play Blu-ray Disc on the new upgrade Windows 8? Answered

Recently I upgrade my computer to the Windows 8. As I know, both Blu-ray and DVD are not supported on this new system. I don't wanna purchase Windows Media Center,either. So how can I make this problem fixed?


Actually, blu-ray is supported on WIndows 8. Maybe some Blu-ray player cant work on Windows 8. But as I know, Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a good player which can perform well on Windows 8.

If I were you, I don't wanna WMC, either instead I'd like to buy a 3rd party Blu-ray player software applied on Windows. I heard some of them are really great but too expensive until Macgo Blu-ray player. Though no BD menu support, I really think this is enough for me.

VLC can play blu ray movie, i have used for several discs, but you
need download and place the AACS and BD+ DRM libraries and keys in order
to play Blu Ray on Windows 8. The guide from UFUSoft helps me. I
appreciate the guy who wrote it. And for the latest blu ray disc movie, i
use UFUSoft Blu ray Player, it works well. Hope it helps


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There are several free media players available or you can buy Cyberlink's Power DVD.

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