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How can I play Left 4 Dead on my PC if I don't have the internet on that computer? Answered

When I try to install the game a box pops up saying: Steam could not initialize. Missing Steam.dll. Is there any way I can play without messing with another computer with internet?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I'm afraid you can't play the steam versions of Valve games without actually having Steam running. You can play without an internet connection, in offline mode, but you still need to be able to start Steam. That message kinda makes me think Steam isn't installed correctly or got corrupted or something.


7 years ago

i dont no but i know u dont need steam to get it if u go to crsplace.blogspot.com

That has happened to me before...sadly, I have no solution for you. : (

Luckily, it was on school computers...

So it doesn't let you install it at all, or does it install but not run?

Steam will install but when I start up my computer or try to install Left 4 Dead, I get the "Missing Steam.dll" message. I even tried to move a working Steam over to my computer, but that didn't work either.