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How can I press oil? Answered

Oils like almond, pumpkin seed



Step 2 of this instructable recommends an inexpensive hand cranked press. https://www.instructables.com/id/Grow-Your-Own-Cooking-Oil/ It looks like it would be fairly easy to mechanize. Another instructable, I can't find the link, talks about using the bits from a juicer to make an oil press for flax seeds. HTH, Ellie

A very strong container with a lot of suitably sized holes.

A plug that just fits inside it.

A suitable steel frame to contain the vessel

A lot of seeds

A hydraulic car jack to provide the pressure.

When pressing apples they can be wrapped in cloth and then squeezed.

Google is your friend

 L is right - you need a seed press.

Prepare to get messy, annoyed, frustrated, etc, but eventually you will get some oil and some very muscular arms and sore fingers....

You need a press. How much material do you want to press?