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How can I prevent the rust of my X-ACTO knife? Answered

First of all, sorry for my English! I was thinking of a way of avoid the rusting of the knives, but I had no idea how to do it! And buy a new one every week is very difficult because I live in El Salvador and do not sold knives anywhere (not to mention how expensive they are)! Do you have a way to prevent it, and keep the edge of the knives? Thanks in advance!


X-Acto blades are made of fairly cheap steel, because they're meant to be "disposable" (yes, blame us wasteful folks north of you). They are very similar in design and construction to razor blades.

I tried a Google search for "reuse or sharpen razor blades" and found a mix of useful information, guidance on why it doesn't work very well, and some real crap (no, magnets do not keep steel sharp).

Too keep your blades from rusting, keep them dry and rub them with mineral oil (carefully, so you don't cut yourself!). Wipe off all excess oil; enough will adhere to the surface to provide a seal against air.

.  In addition to what everyone has said, keep in mind that you can sharpen the blades yourself.
.  Clean any surface rust with steel wool, very fine sandpaper, pencil eraser, &c. Oil up your whetstone. Put an edge on your blade. You can find detailed instructions here at Ibles or elsewhere on the Web.

We use WD-40 for protecting metal surfaces

Keep it dry.

Clean it after every use.

If it is regularly in damp or humid conditions, wipe the blade with a small amount of light oil, remembering to get into every nook and cranny.