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How can I program into an IC chip? Answered

How can I program into an IC chip?(I want to program the steps and time delay with my own device)



Data communication one point to other point .how

How to program ic

It appears I need to write a comment first. I'm here because I believe ICs are the future and I want to keep up and find out more about what they are, beyond what I know. I know very little about ICs in production and used daily. ICs used for gates, timing, logic circuits already produced. So I'm not reinventing the wheel.

does an IC needs to be programmed to work????


I want to program IC AT89C52.How to program it for water elevl control


we have a project which is an 4 digit 7 segment clock, and there is an IC there which is AT89s52.... my question is how we can input a program to that IC.


7 years ago

Each microcontroller will have a specific programmer cable. Sometime it's as simple as a serial connection, other times you need a special interface cable.

Tell us which microcontroller you want to use, and we'll tell you how to upload a program to it.

iam planning to pogram an ic chip to control an RC car.iam studying eleventh grade. so please help how to program it

It sounds like you're asking about microcontrollers. The answer depends on exactly which microcontroller you select, but basically you write a small program (usually using loops for time delays) and use a cable to send it from your PC to the microcontroller programmer hardware which holds the chip. You then wire the chip, or in some cases the whole programmer circuit card, into whatever you want it to control.

Which/what "IC"
What do you want to make ?