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How can I publish my own Adult coloring book? Answered

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There are dedicated agents for this, some even call them "publisher".
Also having a business plan is something you should worry about before trying to publish.
Do you want the majority of the profits, do you only want some cents per published book or even just a fixed sum?
Since you obviously need to learn much more before thinking about success I strongly suggest to seek professional advise first, after all we are Instructables and not the worlds search engine ;)

Did you have a hand in writing the Instructables "How to fix absolutely anything" or is Nicole Smith your Saturday name? :-)

Look for "Self-publishing" as a search term. The cost of entry into the game is vastly cheaper than it once was.

As this is a paper based book your going to need to pay someone to print and bind it for you.

You will then need to market it either yourself through the internet, social media etc or through retail outlets.

Or find a publisher, perhaps the best is look in an existing book that is similar and check to see who published it and contact them and or send a sample of your work.

PS I don't think there will be much money in this.