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How can I put symbols or math formulas in the answer box? Answered

I was trying to answer a question earlier and wanted to put in the formula for figuring the surface area of a sphere.  Short of adding an image, I couldn't figure out how, so I just wrote out the formula.
Is there a way to insert math symbols in the answer box?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I don't think you can using the new editor.  It must filter the codes out.  I found a couple of replies that had some of the extra symbols in them but they were old.

 private message the link to this question to ewilhelm asking for help, he will answer.

Don't count on it, that's what things like this section are for.


 there was a question about the site before that nobody could answer and i told him and he came and took care of it

This is one that someone could answer, see his Orangeboard for help in general.


 i know i just figured if nobody knew they could ask him because he would know.
btw that was my that i have received 400th comment!!

<strong>Kelsey</strong> hasn't demonstrated this with mathematical symbols, but:<br /> &fnof; <br /> &ne; <br /> &ge; <br /> I used these codes <a href="http://barzilai.org/math_sym.htm">barzilai.org/math_sym.htm</a> - he's right. But you do need access to HTML, which I don't think you have?<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />

Paid accounts (the so-called "PRO") have access to both an HTML entity (special character) pop-up box, and access to the raw HTML source where you can type in any valid entity (&....;).