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How can I reduce the signal range? Answered

Any one know how to modify this so that you can adjust the range? Would simply adding a variable resistor to control the input voltage work? Or will I need an attenuator? If so, any ideas how?I would like to manipulate the existing range, not really extend it.



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You can put the less powerful signal amplifier there or totally remove it from the jammer. But in the second case signal will have very small range.

This is illegal no matter how much you reduce the range. Part 15 of the FCC rules and regulations states that your device must accept any interference received; including that which may cause undesirable operation. Also, it may not cause any harmful interference. (Such as jamming a cell phone.)

+1. Businesses may be able to legally sell jammers, but that does NOT mean you can legally use them.

That's what I meant... sorry I didn't clarify.


7 years ago

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7 years ago

Those antenna come in different groupings
Find the transmitting one and replace it with one that limits the power.

Or simpler put a chicken wire or hardware cloth around the transmitter
grounded at the output ref gnd.
You will have to experiment.

The reason you don,t want to reduce battery voltage is....
then the part of the Jammer that looks for the signal the unit needs as a target
will not work well and could get a US military satalite take you down !