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How can I relax or destroy the elastic in my great but too tite swim suit?? Answered

I really like the suit but it really bothers me because its too tite.   I have tried soaking it in gasoline, no effect.  Any one know how to melt the elastic?  thanks  Jon


not offending, its spelt ''tight''. you could cut a small slit in the fabric where the elastic is and cut the elastic and then pull it out, then sew the slit closed.

It's the wrong size: get one that isn't.
Knacking the elastic will knack the shape of it too.


And may cause it to start falling to pieces. I've got a few old shirts which are a poly/cotton blend, and one of the kinds of fiber wears out before the other; the result is not attractive.

Lose weight?

You can try freezing bellow the glass transition temperature of the rubber at which point it should loose elasticity. If you stretch it while under that temperature it will tend to break rather than stretch. The temperature you need varies with each type of rubber but a household freezer goes around -15ºC or so which might be enough.

The elastic cannot be melted to the exact stretchiness.
You can cut the threading on the side, and replace the elastic with a new one which is longer than the present one and fits your torso as required. Don’t forget to sew the threading again.

Another option: Strech the suite on a hanger and try soaking it in hot water.