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How can I remove a screen printing on fabric? Answered

I got a screen print design that I want to remove from an old backpack. How can I remove the screen print without damaging the material?


Zip Strip or other methylene chloride paint stripper *might* work. It shouldn't harm most fabrics -- test in an inconspicuous place, as they say.

almost any method will cause some damage to the material. I don't think a solvent would be advisable, as anything that will attack the ink will most likely damage the fabric as well. You could try to use a fine grit sandpaper to gently rub off the ink. If you choose this method maybe spend the time and mask off the surrounding area to ensure you only rub the ink. Let us know how it turned out!

Sandpaper was a bad idea for a large screen print. It started to rip into the fabric I used very fine sandpaper and used slow circular motion, but stopped once I noticed the damage. So a big NO for sandpaper.

hmmm the only other thing I can think of that might work would be rubbing alcohol, possibly with some kind of cleaner like a mild soap.
Though I have my doubts about this as professional screen prints are fused on there pretty good.

what condition is the backpack in?

Great you thought of sandpaper also, I had that idea but I was worried it would be a bad idea I'll try it now to see what results I get.