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How can I repaint rubber buttons on remote control / game controllers? Answered

Hey all,

I bought some cheap game controllers from Hong Kong, they seem to be working. Problem is the buttons are all numbered "1-2-3-4-5-6----". To use with Nintendo or Sega games, I'd rather repaint them to "Start - Select - A - B - C - X - Y - Z - L - R".

They are just rubber buttons, similar to ones on a remote control. The numbers are painted onto the buttons.

So is there a way to strip the current numbers off, then repaint / reapply somehow my own letters?



Best Answer 7 years ago

At a pure guess, I'd try a rubber-based paint and hope it bonds to the buttons. It will wear off, but maybe not quickly. And painting the letters/words on them may take a fairly fine touch.

Easier might be to put label stickers on the case next to the buttons.

Or just to learn the equivalencies. How often do you actually look at the controller while playing a game, rather than going by touch?


Answer 7 years ago

Put stickers or write with a permanent sharpie on the case next to the buttons.

Anything you put on the buttons will wear off.


7 years ago

Sharpie permanent markers would work. But depending on the colors of the buttons you might have a hard time seeing them. Another option would be to use something like nail polish. It might stick, and its a little flexible so it should hold up to the flexing.