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How can I repair water damaged exterior bricks? Answered

Solid brick home has suffered severe winter with water damage causing some bad flaking and literal breakage of bricks in two places. Shallow damage in area of about 3' x 3' on outside of chimney; deeper, more severe damage affecting maybe six bricks in one corner near the ground where large chunks have cracked off. The house is painted brick, built in 1937 with a layer of brick outside, a layer of concrete, and then another layer of brick inside, so the exterior walls are brick clear through to the interior. There is some water leakage into the basement from the corner damage.



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I am agree with this but there are so many solutions For Repair your water damaged Exterior Bricks i had applied thiis at hill stations near delhi

Hey, I came across you're question, and I actually had some water damage that was affecting the outside of my brick house and needed to find someone who could do water damage repair in phoenix, I ended up being referred to this company by a few friends and i'm glad I took their advice. When it comes to you're home, it's sometimes better left to the professionals

Damaged brick is only a symptom- water is the disease. You must stop water intrusion or cosmetic repairs will only hide further damage for a while.

Hi wonder, I think you missunderstood - the water damage is on the ouside layer of brick and unless he installs a large umbrella he can't stop the driving winter rain and ice :) I think you need to consult a professional builder and ask them whatcan be done to prevent future damage, but more importantly you need to have the existing cracks filled in to prevent water damage inside your home.
I understand that you have a basement and not a cralspace but this article may help a bit: http://www.waterdamageout.com/water_damage_crawl_space_drying.htm
Good luck

Sounds like a job for a pro. Seems you need to get the pro to inspect what is behind that brick for water damage and suggest what to fix to prevent the water damage like redo your gutters or where the water collects. Maybe time to repoint all of the bricks around it and properly reflash anything that needs to divert water from a joint. Masons can cut out brick sections with grinders at the mortar joints and replace with new brick or patch in with something similar. You could attempt to do it yourself but read up on bricklaying and flashing techniques. Good luck.