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How can I replace this 3-prong airplane jack on Blackbox m10 headphones? Answered

Hi all.

I've been given a set of Phitek BlackBox m10 noise-cancelling headphones once used in an airplane.

It has a three-prong headphone jack which I am trying to replace with a 3.5mm stereo jack.

A similar question was asked before about a different set of headphones. The consensus seemed to be the third smaller jack provided power and may be able to be connected via a USB. 

However I am new to electronics and couldn't follow along. And I don't think there was an instructable produced from it. 

I want to use it mainly for my amp and listening while on the computer.

The wires in the m10 are blue, red, yellow, green, black and white, along with some loose fibre I think is insulation.

I have no idea which cables are which, or anything concerning specifics about voltage and so on.

But I have a soldering station, wire cutters and a lot of patience.

If someone could provide some help that I as an electronics newbie could follow, I would greatly appreciate it!

I'll be sure to take photos and post a detailed instructable if I get it right! 



Thanks guys, been busy, though I promise I'll finish it.


I had a stab at softly prying it open along the seam [red square]. It kept snapping back, and an edge seemed to be held down tightly, leading me to think I'd snap things if I tried to open it.

Though there must be a way and the seam looks like the obvious point. Should I just force it?

The other screw sections I opened [blue square] weren't helpful.

Cheers guys



5 years ago

got it open :)

inside both look the same


But removing the outside cover yields this on one side


And this on the opposite


I bought this mulitimetre but have no bloody idea how to work it or what wires to test


Im a total n00b at this, can anyone give me some simple steps? Thanks!


1 year ago

I have same headphones, same jack, but less cables and different colors : /
Mine are 5: blue, red, green, gray, brown...

Maybe blue+red for right channel? Which one to power, and which for left channel?

Can I take power from a usb?

Thank you


3 years ago

Old thread, but I was wondering the same question with a pair of headphones I got from a plane. They seem to have the same plug. (phitek anr headphones). Today I did a DIY batterycase with a 9V battery and got it working. I just soldered the leads to a 3,5 mm stereo jack and a battery clip.

The yellow and green go together in the sleeve of the stereo jack. (the common ground for L and R channels) The white goes to the tip (I guess left channel) and blue to the ring (right channel). The Red goes to battery + and black to battery -.

I also placed a switch to disconnect the battery when not in use.


Answer 3 years ago

So the red and black go to a battery clip like this http://goo.gl/9QDI2R

And the yellow, green, white, and blue got to a 3.5 jack sleeve like this http://goo.gl/eqoDQp ?

Excuse the ignorance, have < 0 experience in this (but do own a weller) but how did you solder the yellow, green, white, and blue wires to the jack? Looks like to soldered them to the inside somehow.

And how would I solder the on/off switch? To the red 9v live line? I found one here http://goo.gl/UUTdgy

I love your method, especially with a mints box -- which I assume you use a 3.5 double-jack to connect the box to the music outlet -- but should I just get a 9v box with a pre-existing switch and connect only the live and earth to it and whack a 3.5 male jack to the rest? http://goo.gl/Zd6jA6

Much uglier though, but if it's too hard to answer those questions then perhaps its an option.



5 years ago

I would guess that the smaller top prong is the power supply for the noise cancelling part.

the other two are the left and right inputs - although they are stereo connectors but that may not be an issue as you only have 6 wires and I assume a shield round the outside.

2 will be power, the other 2 pairs will be audio - You can connect them in parallel to the 1/4 inch jack.


Answer 5 years ago

would it lose the noise cancelling function if wired through the jack? Would love to run it off batteries.
Thanks guys


Answer 5 years ago

To be noise cancelling the head set needs power.

Inside there is an inverting amplifier that listens to the outside noise, inverts it and adds it to the sound from the head phones. The constant sounds get reduced and the changing sound (your music) is unaffected.

You need to power the amplifier via the twin plug to make this work. Mine are powered from a couple of AAA batteries that lase several hours.

The Skinnerzrickharris

Answer 5 years ago

You are correct that the smaller pin is the power supply. The supply voltage specified is higher than the 5V from a USB, at somewhere between 9-16V. However, some headsets are modified from consumer units designed to take an internal battery, so will either have internal connections for a battery, or will run off of a lower voltage.

The Skinnerz

5 years ago

On the ones I've seen, the battery goes in the opposite side to where the cable goes in, but if not, it should be easy to find by opening them up. As for the connections, they will probably be a large pair of unused solder pads near the battery compartment.


5 years ago

This requires the use of an $6 Multi-Meter that has an Ohm meter function 
from Harbor Freight just click on the red text to see one.

Then you can trace which wire goes where and soldering will be the easy psrt.



Answer 5 years ago

Just bought one, should be here in a day or two