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How can I repurpose a military parachute Answered

I have an old military parachute which has been sitting in a box in my garage for years. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can reuse it,  other than jumping out of planes? It's in really good shape but I have already reused all the paracord.


Old parachutes were very popular in military surplus stores during the post WWII era. This was due to the fact that many women did not have silk during the entirety of the war (due to rationing), and the fact that for silk, parachutes were very cheap. Ive heard of people making clothing, wedding/prom dresses, sailboat sails, bed sheets (if you dont mind the stitching), hammocks and a whole bunch of things. A quick google search will probably yield a whole bunch of other ideas.

If you have seen any of the instructables for things like kite boarding then I bet it wouldn't be to much work to modify the parachute for a similar purpose.

Thanks KillerJackalope! I've also had the idea to use the fabric for a pop-up hunting blind. This thing is 35 feet across so I have lots-o-fabric!

Make the biggest bean bag anyones ever seen?
Cover all your furniture in silk?
Turn it in to a massive kite or lots of smaller ones?
Army green silk pajamas, for that, eh, look?
You could get polyester resin to act as dope and stretch it across frames to create a sort of rigid body work material...