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How can I rewire the ZOOM on a camcorder to operate it from another location? AKA upgrading a video periscope Answered

I am re-making a "periscope" that I made previously with a CCTV camera at the top and a pair of virtual video glasses (with a tiny lcd screen in front of each eye) at the bottom, and a live video feed in-between. This time I want a zoom control built in, where I can operate the zoom with a little rocker switch at the bottom of the periscope. I found a CCTV camera that will zoom, but I think it needs a whole controller console just to operate the zoom...

I think an easier way is to use a camcorder instead of a CCTV camera, because the zoom function works in real time and it's already right there on board. The problem is that I think the zoom switch on camcorders is kind of complicated - rewiring it is likely more difficult than just running two wires from two solder points and sticking my own rocker switch at the end. Any ideas?

There are "wired camcorder remotes" which seem like they might be easier to open up and modify, but the zoom switch is the same style as on the camcorder body, so I might run into the same problem.


I imagine you could parallel a suitable switch with the existing zoom switch -

Not having your camera to look at I can't say further than that.

Thanks for that info. I don't have a camera yet - I'm trying to see if it's even possible (ie relatively simple) before I go buying a camcorder. Would you imagine I could just open the case, pop off the switch, and solder on a couple wires? I think I'm going to get a cheap-o camera and see what's going on inside it.

Yes - no - maybe - So much depends on the camera you get it is hard/impossible to say.

The zoom is just an electrical switch so in principle you can extend it. Getting to it may not be so easy.