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How can I search for a instructable without using google custum search? Answered

Now the new look of the site is out. I cant search any more for instructables. Maybe you can help.



(Sorry for my English)




Best Answer 8 years ago

The "Google custom search" does only search Instructables.  You use keywords the same way as before, but you can't limit the search in the same way (and yes, other people have complained, just read the Feedback and Bugs forum topics).

I'bles is paying Google to provide this search capability, because the results are more complete than with their original "home brew" database search.

Once you've done a Google-based search of I'bles, the results will be displayed with a new, extra link on the search bar: "Graphical Search".  That link will show you the results using the old engine.

Seems like a lot of people are confused by the "Google Custom Search" text in the box. I assume that it's contractually required to be there, but I wonder whether the button text could be more descriptive, or maybe the box text could say "Search Instructables with Google Custom Search", or something....

This would be a great comment to add to the main (Staff initiated) discussion, or to create a new topic in Help:Feedback.  At worst, a PM to Canida would probably be beneficial (and welcome).

Happy to, but which one is the staff-initated discussion? I don't want to open another Help:Feedback topic, lest it get buried under the crush of "They Changed It Now It Sucks" posts.


8 years ago

But is there a way to filter the search like you used to be able to do? Like the list of categories on the left with "tech" and "nature" and stuff? I found that to be an incredibly useful feature that Google itself could have benefitted from!

 like the answers below said it works like it used to it just looks different

It does work, it looks bad, but it does work. Try clicking the "graphical search" button next to the search button in the results.