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How can I select part of PCB? Answered

I have 2 PCB that I want to select the essential from them. The PCBs are from a CRT monitor and the other CRT TV so I tested out the TV main PCB and the FBT gave strong arcs but I want to select just the driver.  Or how to find the schematic of the tv or monitor



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Are you asking us what is what in there?


Not in my language... could you formulate it differently?


than ,what language are you speaking?

No one has answered this question yet. Of everyone in the universe, I am the only person yet to have a go at helping: I don't understand the question


I want to select a part of a PCB with JUST the flyback driver . How do I do that? How do I know where to cut the PCB?

Ah right, I get you now.
The thing will be pretty-much in one location and being HV you should find it's fairly-well isolated from everything else.
Follow the tracks on the PCB and you should see where it is around the transformer.
Your problem is that the whole board has common power, so what you want to do is disconnect the rest. Or you could not bother and just ignore everything else like tuning, sound etc.


Trace the related circuit components and find what the FETs are wired to and the transformer and all the parts connected. Basically, Trace the copper (under the board) that all the componets are linked up to

yes i did that but it is so easy to lose the path.

use aw sharpie to mark the tracks and then scribble it out if it's not the right track. It's trial and error and it requires patients. Use the continuity on your multimeter to help you find the tracks