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How can I send a text message to a phone from my email? Answered

How can I send a text message to a phone from my email?  As in outlook to ipod



8 years ago

You can add send SMS service to your gmail account through the labs section.

I have a t-mobile pda phone that I have successfully sent emails to and from.  In order to send an email to my phone, I type the number 1234567890 then the "@" followed by "t-mobile.com"
Example:  1234567890@t-mobile.com

Check with the carrier of the mobile phone you will be sending email to.  Sometimes their address after the "@" is different, and they are more than happy to tell you what that info should be.  ;)

 umm theres a program called text free and it is compatible with ipod ipod touch iphone and it works great me and my friend use it all the time 

heres the website 


there should also be an app that you should be able to find on the apple stores website among their app library

Note that some folks block the mail-to-phone bridges, because the only thing worse than spam is spam that you have to pay to receive.

See this page, I think it may have an answer. I guess you use (phone mumber) in place of the xxxxxxxxxx