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How can I separate the silver 925 content from waste dust from a cutting project? Answered

Ok, I cut sterling (.925) handles off knives sometimes.. the knives are stainless steel and the inside of the handle can be plaster, resin, sawdust..etc.  After using the larger silver part of the handle i have cut off, I still have a pile of silver/plaster/sawdust/resin dust that I really need to separate out the silver from.   Any ideas?


Use water. Dump it all into a bowl, let it sit overnight. The silver will fall to the bottom and maybe some other stuff. But the sawdust, will float and the plaster should float or dissolve as well. The resin may drop but once you filter things through a cloth you should be able to find the silver more easily.

After filtering it you should be left with the heavy stuff. if you still can't pick out the silver then pan it out. As in panning for gold. The heavier silver will stay at the bottom and the rest should wash out.

...and then you can write an Instructable; "How to pan for silver in your back yard".