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How can I set a wii with a hd tv? Answered

I've bought recently a new hd tv (supporting up to 1080i with component inputs) with a component cable for wii. When connecting the cables to the tv, the picture is grey. I can get easily to the setting menu, but I can't set the wii to hdtv (480p), the option is greyed and I can't select it. any ideas?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I just had the same problem these past few days. You need a special cable that will replace the one connecting your wii to your TV. My wife bought a component cable from the brand Energizer. They come in different brands and at different prices. Once you install the new cable you will enjoy the colors in your games.


Answer 8 years ago

Don't forget to select the HDTV option in your settings menu after you replace the cable!