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How can I set up a cheap 100 foot cable web or camcorder and record from a pc? Answered

My church wants to setup a a web or camcorder recording system for the church. but the digital area is a 100 foot away and we would like to be able to use a web cam or a camcorder to record services and broadcast it live or prerecorded on the website. we have a 100 ft usb cable and a 100ft ethernet cable with usb connector both ends to connect to the pc. we also have 3 web cam and 1 camcorder with usb connector and a AV connector also on the camcorder.
problem 1 is we are having problems on the interface or software to view the webcam from that distance using the usb cable.
problem 2 is we are having problem with the size of image on the usb to ethernet not large enough for a good 1080 P recording or view.

hardware and Software available: 4 usb 2.0 booster cable can be used as a chain to equal 100ft
                                3 webcam
                                1 camcorder
                                2 desktop pcs windows 7 64 bits
                                3  flat panel tv for inchurch videos and songs on screen
                                1 sound forge recording system for audio
                                1 worship hymm for on screen lyrics and video use on the 3 flat panel tv works great
                                3 ethernet cat6 cable  100ft each 
Can anyone help me build this  or what software can make these work together?        
any help is highly appreciated


I would look at your maximum resolutions for your webcams, sometimes the default settings on your webcam set-up is lower than their max. 

You can also get great usb over utp extenders that don't require power and will extend from 150 - 300 feet (I used one to extend a usb wifi dongle around 60 metres and tested it with webcams too... have a search 

With regard to software have a look at vidblaster

Hope you work something out :) All the best

You can get a wireless, color camera with sound for $100 or less. You can get wired c olor camera with sound for about $50. Google it to find.

You might want to use a service like Ustream if you want to do a live broadcast. You can get more information on their broadcast support page. It should answer most (if not all your questions). 

I know that several churches in my area already broadcast their services with Ustream. When you visit their home page (the first link I gave you), it will display the available live broadcasts closest to you. :-)