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How can I shrink an Under Armour hat with a, "heatgear," sweatband half a size? Answered

How can I shrink an Under Armour hat with a, "heatgear," (moisture transport system) sweatband half a size? The only options at the store were M, which was too small and L which is a half size too large. The headband has a foam-esque feel and the tag claims 100% polyester, although I'm not sure if it's talking strictly about the hat or if the headband is included in that. Thank you for any help!



Best Answer 9 years ago

1) Buy a UA "heatgear" headband and sew it inside the too-large sweatband to take up the space. B) Use elastic thread to sew a not-too-loose gathering stitch all the around the sweatband, and tie it off at just slightly (1/4"? or so) smaller than you want the sweatband to be. Do at least two of these elastic loops around the sweatband, at its top & bottom; or, if you have time & inclination, evenly space additional elastic thread loops up to as many as will fit on the sweatband 3/8"-1/4" inch apart.