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How can I solidify a papercraft? Answered

I want to make some props, and I've stumbled upon the idea of papercraft. Now I'm thinking of making it solid, only using paper as the substrate. I think I should simply cover it in clay, but I figure the Instructables community probably has some tricks up their sleeves. So. Anybody have some nifty tricks, or better materials to use to make a papercraft real sturdy? Maybe even making some costume armor :D
Hope I can get into the prop-making/cosplay community!


use textile hardener that would be nice..

how about hardened paper or paper mache?

Saw somewhere you can first spray it with acrylic sealer, let it dry, than mix equal parts of water and white glue and give it a couple of coats until you get the desired result. But that technique gave me an idea, if you have carpenter glue(for wood) instead, try the same 50/50 mix, maybe you wouldn't need the sealer with that, since once dryed it's much harder than the white one!!!

There are dozens of instructables and other tutorials out there of making armour and other props starting with paper (commonly pepakura). I haven't done any myself but if i recall correctly the paper is reinforced with fibreglass, resin and filler before being sanded down and painted. I've seen a video of a guy making a helmet (cant recall if it was halo or ironman) reinforcing it and then standing on it to show how sturdy it had become!

Nice! Thanks for that idea. Standing on it and it surviving is just the strength test I'm looking for. Anybody else have ideas other than fibreglass, resin, and filler, or more specific "filler" material?

For best results use the search box top right. Pepakura will get you quite a few hits.
This isnt the one i was talking about earlier but seems to have what you need: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Halo-Helmet-using-Pepakura/

Yes, I have searched and gotten ideas. However, I thought it would be fun to get a discussion going on what people like the best.

How solid.

Paint with GRP polyester resin

Paint with PVA (White) Glue this dries clear.


paper and PVA make a very strong laminated material.