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How can I sort of INCREASE the RANGE (power to get signal indoors) of my FM radio? Answered

Though I purchased my FM radio in a Metro (where FM signals are quite strong), now I am living in an sub-urben are and so unable to recieve good signals. Is there a way out?


I use a pre-amp, with an indoor antenna range is about 90 miles with a antenna outside range is about 300 miles, signal strength is about 98 percent.


7 years ago

If you have a TV antenna on the roof, which was really common at one time, you can hook the antenna for the radio up to it. Most of these antennas receive FM very good. Even a simple set of "rabbit ears" might work. I run my FM tuner antenna to the TV antenna through an amplifier special for antenna signals. It pulls in stations from all over.


7 years ago

1. Try changing the orientation of the antenna or the radio if the antenna is internal.
2. Move the radio as close to a window as you can.
3. Get a larger antenna.

+1. Re-orient the antenna, try to get the least interrupted line-of-sight to the transmitter that you can, get a better antenna. You may want to consider a roof antenna -- if the house has an old analog-TV roof antenna, that may work for this purpose too.

If worst comes to worst, you may need to shop for a radio which has better input stages. I haven't tried any of the antenna preamplifiers; I have no idea whether they work or are inherently bogus. (They'd amplify electrical noise too... so it may depend on why you're having trouble with reception.)

Welcome to suburbia.