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How can I speed up/ control the oxidization process of copper? Answered

I would like to force oxidization in specific areas on a copper sheet. Possible?


Do you want it to go green (patina) or go Black (oxide?)

If you want to _prevent_ oxidation in specific areas, that's easy -- apply a resist that will protect it from whatever you're using to oxidize/patinate/etch the other areas. Look at the various tips for making printed circuit boards for many ideas on what can be used as a resist.

Interestingly enough, vinegar, aslo a dilute acid (ascetic(sp?) acid), is used in solution (buffered with salt) to make corroded copper shiny. Go figure.

You need something that will speed up the reaction with the metal, but not destroy the patina -- vinegar removes the layer of patina, revealing a new layer of copper to get reacted with.