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How can I steer a skateboard? Answered

I can push off,but the speed will decrease before I can put my pushing foot on the sk8board,so there would b no challenge...Help please.


Stearing is just a matter of leaning from side to side. If the board isn't leaning much then you will need to adjust the trucks. On the bottom of the trucks is a large nut in the middle. Loosen that a bit to allow some more flexing and tighter turns. But don't loosen it too much. There is only so far the board can turn before you have to lean back on your back foot so the front wheels come off the ground and you can fling the nose of the board around into the direction you want to go. All this is pretty simple to get it just takes time. The part i could never get down was an Alley. Never could get the board to come off the ground. So its kind of hard to get into any tricks when you can jump with the board.

Thanks guys,I did it!But now the question is,what is wrong with my ollieing?I can`t ollie no matter what!Please GIVE ME SOME TIPS!please.

Find a very slightly sloped drive or walk so you don't have to learn all skills at the same time and you can concentrate on learning to balance and steer. Or you could have someone gently push you.

I could never master riding a skateboard even if my life depended on it. I had so many scraped knees when I was young that I finally quit.

lean to either side