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How can I stop my chihuahua from barking at people when they come to visit us at our house? Answered



Well, chihuahua's are naturally protective of their home and family, so they are inclined to bark at any moving object. lol. The best way to get them to stop barking without the use of vinegar- which traumatizes them- is simply to teach them the "Stay" command, and tell them to stay before opening the door. If it barks when you open the door, close it again (tell your freinds you are trying to train your dog). tell them to stay, if they bark when you open the door, close it agian. repeat until the dog is no longer barking. Chihuahua's tend to catch on very quickly to firm training. Hope I helped.

how can i stop him from barking and growling and acting like he is going to bit

Use a spray bottle full of just either plain water or if that doesn't work use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Dog have a strong sense of smell and the vinegar is WAY stronger smell to them then you. Spray them every time they bark and say "No". I used the method on my neighbors dog when they wouldn't stop him from going crazy when I mowed the fence line. I carried the bottle hanging on my pocket and when I would approach the fence I would spray the dog. After about 4 rounds he stopped completely.

Get rid of that dog and buy a real dog! Sorry I could not help that. First sit it next to you or on the floor have someone come in and sit next to you. Use a powerful aggressive tone of voice and say the dogs name and no. If the dog still barks pick it up and move it around 1 meter away from you and say no again. If it still continues flick the dog on the nose with your figure and say no. You may need to do this several times before the dog realizes that the person is not a threat and should also not be jealous. I hold no responsibility if the dog bites your figure while flicking.