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How can I stop spiders and bees from nesting in my shed? Answered

I have a shed outside and it is full of spider eggs and bee nests, any ideas on how to deter them? 


use moth balls work great but stink no poisn if u like one moth bal in the corner it will cover a 100 squar foot raidus this will not kill them but drive them away

Rick has a very good point. But once the weather improves, if the bees don't leave on their own (which in North America they may very well not want to do), you may have to resort to removing the nest(s) before they burgeon out of control.

There are ways of doing this with minimal damage to the colony, (it involves using smoke to suppress the bees and nerves of steel, proper clothing, and a few sharp instruments to detach the nest from the inside wall of the shed, then transport to a field or such to allow the bees to regroup in a better environment...)

but I'm going to suggest that you contact the county extension for assistance, since I don't want to steer you into things that could get you hurt, and I have no idea if these are bees, wasps, hornets, or worst of all, Africanized bees.

Note, if the nests are little mud daubers, you usually don't have much to worry about if you just leave them alone. Many species do not colonize like Hornets and Honey bees. For instance, bumble bees are usually found as pairs or in very small groups and pose no threat of you do not engage them. I have several small mud dauber colonies in my eves around my kitchen porch and they don't bother me, I don't bother them, and it's a win win situation. Same goes for the probably half dozen bumble bees nests here and there around the periphery of the house.

As the weather warms up they will move out and let you clear up. These insects are vital to our environment and need these winter hibernation places. Please leave them.