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How can I stop tyre theft ? Answered

One of my hobbies is looking after a special ex-army landrover called a 101 - thats one to my left in my "avatar". Some miserable low life has just stolen ALL my wheels off it. Now, the tyres are pretty heavy - you wouldn't want to lift one off the ground for long - and 34" in diameter, but still they have all gone.

They are/were held on wih big nuts too ! Too big for off the shelf locking nuts

Has anyone any bright ideas as to what I can do to fabricate a lockable nut ?


Panic over, thanks for all your help. I can buy lockable nuts from stock <embarassment>



Best Answer 8 years ago

Can you mark the rims subtly with e.g. your postcode? When you see other vehicles (at events / meets) it wouldn't be out of place to stick you head under the wheel arches "out of technical interest", and you could post to other 101 enthusiasts - "seen my wheels? - they're tagged there"


My Lexus has a specially shaped nut for each tyre, and they supply you with a special wrench specifically made for your nut. You might be able to search and with some luck find something similar online. Here's a picture of how it looks, so you know what to look for! As you can see in the left most nut, there is a special engraving that matches the specific wrench.


That's just what I need for mine, only the wheel nuts are about 4 times bigger !

Thanks !
One good turn deserves another ;-)


how about specialy shaped nuts like security ones?

I haven't seen "tires" spelled "tyres" is quite a while... Is that still the official spelling in the UK?

Instead of (or as well as) engraving, hide RFID tags on the rims somewhere, maybe epoxied in place and painted over. I don't know what the range on those things is, but this would give a very positive way to identify your rims if you suspected their presence.

Dude. That sucks.

What about using a "locking wire retainer" with a security cable through the wire holes?

For a do-it-yourself job, I think you need the bolts to be longer than the lug nuts, so that the threads extend out beyond the lug nut by at least 3-6 mm. Use a Dremel with 1/16" high-speed-steel drill bit to put a hole through the end of one or all bolts, and thread security cable through that.

Drilling wheel-nuts with a Dremel?! Considering that someone got in and out with heavy wheels, and took the bolts off - how hard is it to remove a security cable (I don't know)? L

This is my thought too. These guys must have really come equipped, and with BIG wrenches to shift these -28 mm nuts. They were put on with a 3 foot breaker bar ! Thinking about this after I posted the question I was wondering about a special nut like a castle shaped thing, and a custom spanner ? Preferably with an odd pattern of castellations too.... Looking at over 1000 USD to replace these really rare rims. The tyres are trivial, the rims are really hard to get !

Good Lord. That's a hell of a job :-( And it does sound like Lemonie's thought of a to-order job is plausible.

Anyway, I did a Google search for "Land Rover 101 locking nuts". Came up with http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/11251/4089/2/RTC9535-LOCKING-WHEEL-NUT-SET-OF-5.html . Those items are listed under "Accessories -> Other" for the 101, so they may be exactly what you need. At 30 quid per wheel, it's about 10% the cost of the rims. Good luck!

The Police of course are not terribly interested.

Yeah, I'm sure that Sting has more important issues to deal with....

A friend bought a locking nut for the spare on his FJ Cruiser, and hasn't has it stolen again. You only need one per wheel.

His was stolen twice. I think just about everyone in San Francisco without locking nuts on their spare FJ tire has them lifted.

Then again these guys apparently really wanted your tires. I worry that if you make it too hard for them they'll do something next time to damage your hubs.

I think this: not going to sell them in a pub car-park, not going to sell on a car-boot, you're only real market is people like yourself (who is obviously in need of some right now). Export or "to order-job"? If you physically etch the rims, you have a situation in which you can say "my wheels got nicked they're marked-" to the 101 community. If someone looks at their recent EBay purchase and says "oops these are they" they might reasonably think: "this dude sold me nicked-stuff, they know I've got a 101 and where I live.... Would they not call the cops over the vendor, or would they hope that they'd not suffer a similar theft and get away with it as an accomplice? L

My thoughts exactly. I have a suspicion about a recent visitor that I think I can trace.

Trouble with if you buy stolen property, and they don't recover the money you paid for the property, then you become the loser - as the property goes back to the owner after it's used as evidence. They transfer the crime from a theft to a fraud. This means that most people don't report they bought stolen property even if they find out afterward.

No idea. Depends on the cable. There are some where the actual exposure of cable is small to zero -- the cable threads through a hardened steel casing with a lock. It really depends on how secure it needs to be, and how much Steve wants to spend on it.

LIke I said to Lemonie, it needs to protect over 1000 USD worth of tyres !!!