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How can I tell if a boy likes me? Answered

I am 13, I like this boy called Kush he is also 13 how do I know if he likes me? He asked me to kiss him twice I didn't, He always smacks my butt,he touched my chest b4 cause he wanted to know if they were reall, He rides the same school bus as me, but he is in 7th grade and I am in 8th grade. I haven't gotten my first kiss yet even though I have had a BF b4 we never kissed except a kiss on the cheek we only went out for about 3 days. Please help me to know if Kush likes me or how to tell if a boy likes you.



The guy likes you, in that he wants to kiss you, feel you up, and possibly more. But, he obviously does not respect you. That should be your primary concern. If a boy likes you, he will make it obvious in many different ways. However, he should not be touching you without your permission (and he should not have your permission for quite some time yet). A boy that likes you And respects you, will ask you out on a date. He will be kind and will try to do what you like to do because he wants to get to know you. He will not push you to do anything you don't want to do. That should be a good start.

i agree...you're in eighth grade so boys (i would know, as i am one) at this age are pretty immature...well, most of them are...i think he likes you, and there might be the possibility for a little more, but dont be suprised to find yourself heart broken in a month cheers

I think he does like you, considering he wanted to kiss you TWICE!!! Same thing is happening to me right now, with a boy named Evan - I like him like CRAZY but don't know if he likes me

the guy like you and you sound like a good girl if he breaks your heart than he wasn't good 4 u

i think he likes u - ALOT. But its not respectful for him to be touhing u like that!!!!! How is it going now with him? Are you still with him? If it were me he would'nt be talking to me! Im sorry but that behaviour is BEYOND disgusting when he's in gr7.

yes he obviously does like you but im your age and i wouldn't do any of that stuff to a girl. i class that as assault touching you in those matters and i think drop him as like the other guys said he is a jerk and wants more than just kiss and he sounds like a jerk

Sounds like what your describing is sexual assault. (unwanted physical contact designed to satisfy the sexual urges of either you or him). Now ask yourself do you like him because of the attention he gives you or do you like him because he is cool to hang out, cute or what ever. Honestly, this guy sounds like a jerk and it sounds like he is trying to do things that either of you are not ready for yet. Dont give your self up to the first @$$hole that comes along. Your first kiss and anything "first" afterward should be something special, not some cheep event you shared with someone else who really doesnt appreciate it.

Thank u so much 2 bad I couldn't choose 2 best answers or else u would have been selected.


9 years ago

Thematthatter and zippomanonfire have it dead on. This kid is looking for trouble and you, unfortunately, are his target.

He apparently likes you if he's doing all of that stuff to you....