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How can I turn a crappy electric guitar into something functional? Answered

my ex left this beat up, crappy guitar at my house and rather than toss it out, i would like to upcycle it into something useful. any ideas?



take of the neck and use it as an axe handle.


9 years ago

Guitars are useful! (to musicians, and to budding musicians, too.)

Give it to a child in your neighborhood.

I always meet people interesting in learning some guitar, sell it cheap or give it away at the very least. Someone starting out is usually more interested in saving money than having the best equipment.

New pickups, electronics, and strings can do wonders.

- It may have useful parts for someone building/modifying a guitar. Give it away on craigslist/freecycle or sell it at a yard sale/ebay. For that matter, you can possibly repair and re-finish the guitar yourself. -My grandfather had a guitar clock, that was made of an old beaten-up stratocaster. All they did was remove the strings and pickups, replace the pickguard with one that had no cutouts for the pickups, and then insert a cheap clock-kit. -If all the electric parts are mounted to the pickguard, you could make a small table out of it. Remove the strings and all other parts from the body, including the neck. Replace the pickguard with a blank one, and add legs (or one leg made of or made to resemble the neck). No matter what you do ... please check two things first: Is it a vintage guitar? Just because it's banged up, doesn't mean it's worth nothing. The stratocaster clock I mentioned above turned out to be a real crime, as it is a vintage strat that was owned and used by a locally famous musician... and the old pickguard had even been signed, but it was hacked up and all the spare parts were thrown away decades ago! Can it be fixed? Even a crappy guitar can make a budding musician happy. If the guitar is good for parts or just needs a bit of love, give it to someone who will love it!