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How can I turn computer speakers into headphones? Answered

I have this bunch of computer speakers that I don't use, and I recently came up with the idea to turn them into headphones. The problem is that I do not know how to. Does anybody know if there is an instructable about this or something like that? I would really appreciate your help guys.


How well this will work depends on the type of speakers. If they have more than one speaker in the tower (mid-range and tweeter) or come from a 2.1, or greater, system then I'm not sure you'll get good range from them because they were designed for only part of the range.

Put the speakers on a wire to sit on your head and your done.

There is an instructable on the right and side of this page for it. The wiring is easy. Solder the wire that corresponds to the ring closest tot he base of the headphone jack to the ground of both speakers. The wire at the middle ring of the jack goes to the right speaker and the tip goes to the left.