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How can I unclog my tub? Draino and stuff like that isn't working for me.? Answered


I have the same problem. My wife and I moved to a new house last year and a week ago our tub drain clogged. At first I tried to do the "GREEN" thing and snake the drain. When I opened the panel I found that the configuration of the pipes didn't allow me to open the clean-out plug so I snaked from the drain in the tub. The snake got stuck after repeated tries to get it to go down the main drain and upon pulling it out it broke. Then came the wonderful chemicals that also didn't work. We called a plumber finally after a couple days who snaked the drain and water flowed freely!... Until this week when the tub became reclogged and the plumber who was paid $250.00 will not come back out without another $250.00 because of the legal fine print on the back of the bill I signed. So does anyone have an answer for that???

Just agreeing with the others: Plumber's snake (which is a professional version of Crafty's wire suggestion), or a plunger, or disassemble-and-clean-the-trap if you can access it (it may have a clean-out plug, which would make that easier)... or one of the garden-hose-operated "spray plungers" (rubber tube which first inflates to seal against the side of the drain, then sends a high-pressure stream through the now-plugged pipe to try to clear things out), or boiling water....

BUT you should have tried all of those BEFORE dumping the chemicals into it. Now you have a hazardous-materials situation as well as a clog. I'd recommend running a LOT of water through it to clear that out before trying any of these. Yes, with the clog there this will take a while, but you really don't want to risk hurting yourself.

Another possibility: There are enzyme solutions which will "eat" hair, which are tremendously safer than the caustic chemicals though they don't work as quickly. Might want to consider those in the future, though some folks report that they're better as a tool for keeping drains from clogging in the first place than for cleaning them after they're clogged.

Get a long piece of soft wire with a small kink in the end. Poke it in and twist as you go. This often catches just enough gunk to pull up. (repeat as required)
Try, pouring soapy very hot water down. This will melt any grease that has clumped around hairs etc.

A plunger. If your in a pinch.

Take the panel off the side of the bath, disconnect the U-bend, empty it (it may nee cleaned out with boiling water and a brush if it is clogged with soap deposits and hair), reverse previous instructions.

.  Try a plumber's snake (you can rent them or buy a cheap manual rig). If that doesn't work, take Nutrition Man's advice and call a plumber.

PS:  I strongly recommend AGAINST using compressed air or other methods that pressurize your drains. You may end up calling a plumber and a clean-up crew.

Contact a plumber.