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How can I use a 5 gallon water bottle to make a giant bird feeder? Answered

I would like to use a 5 gallon water jug as a bird feeder. It would be mounted on a 4x4 post. There would need to be a hole in the top approx 6 inches in diamer to allow for filling it with sunflower seeds. The top would be covered to keep moister and squirrels from getting into the filler opening and top. I assume the seed would pour out of the bottom (mouth) of the jug and controlled by a feeding tray of some sort. I would want it framed for sturdiness with either wood or PVC pipe.



9 years ago

I would install it neck up with a plastic cup or recycled bottle as a cap. Depending on the size of the birds you wish to feed I'd then drill holes around the bottle below each hole drill a smaller hole that a dowel fits into, run the dowel across the bottle to serve 2 feeder holes. Thats a LOT of seed... a smaller version could be made from a 2liter soda bottle

Seems like you've got it figured out pretty much.