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How can I use a 50w bulb in a 150w socket? Answered

I am converting alp720 lamp into a regular lamp for easy replacement. I can get it all to work, save two problems, 1 I have to hold in the reset button because the lamp is not tied to the circuitry and 2 I have to have an extra cord to run the light. Can I short the system somehow and run the wiring from the on off switch itself?


I don't really know what you're talking about here, but "50W in 150W socket" is a "yes of course" type of thing - no resistor required.


Assuming they're the same kind of socket, and at the same voltage, of course. And there may be other mechanical/heat issues depending on what kind of bulb you're talking about.

But if you're talking about standard edison-base bulbs, a 150W fixture will accept any bulb up to 150W.

It's all rather vague, but reminds me of "can I use a 3A power supply to run a 1A device?"


Very much so. (And we probably forgot to say "As long as that isn't a 3A supply regulated for current rather than voltage...")


8 years ago

This not a recommended "hack". There's a reason it's only rated for 50 watts; that's all the components can handle. If you modify it in any way, you risk a fire. An electrical fire... dangerous, smelly, and destructive.
My advice: go find a 150 watt socket. They're CHEAP.

THe bulb is rated 50 watts not the socket.  If the voltage is the same there should be no problem.

Well I have the actual case for the bulb but the bulb is 400 to 500 but even if it was 100 I could not afford it right now. That is why I wanted to used the 50 watt the lumen's is just about the same. so even if I use a 300 ohm resister this is no good? 

No, because there's going to be a heck of a lot of heat dissipated in that resistor (assuming it's even rated for that much power), and that would be dangerous.

You can always use a lower wattage bulb in a light rated for a higher wattage bulb - IF the voltages are the same. 

Can you provide a link the the type of light you are using?

Perhaps a better way of approaching this would be to find out what the voltage ratings are for the two bulbs?