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How can I use a disposable camera flash to light continuesly? Answered

I would like the scamatics of this. does anybody have any ideas. thanks


i've made it work :P
not with the flash circuit from a disposable
i used a neon sign transformer, like 4kv?
yeah it was cool.

I soldered a flash tube to the leads of a cattle-prod. It produced a plasma-globe effect. Other than flashing over 60 times a second, or using plasma arcs, I do not know what to tell you.

It is possible to make a xenon flash lamp operate almost continuously. A strobe light can be adjusted to flash so fast that your eyes cannot distinguish one flash from the next.

However, it is not necessarily practical for you to make a truly continuous light. The bulbs require an enormous operating voltage. How slow a flash is acceptable? What kinds of power source do you have available?

I go with Lemonie; I don't think it's possible. The best I can see achieving would be to turn it into a strobe light, and I think you could only do that by completely replacing the charging/firing circuit and providing a larger power source.

Unless you've seen this done? flash tubes don't work continuously. L