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How can I use a guitar hero Xplorer guitar to play frets on fire? Answered

I have downloaded drivers, but nothing happens. I'm pretty sure that its not the controller and I need help in configuring it as a joystick.



Best Answer 9 years ago

The Xplorer won't work out of the box. Have you tried reconfiguring the controls in Frets on Fire yet? It's in the options menu. If you have, make sure you've got the latest version of Frets on Fire/FoFiX. Not all versions of Frets on Fire support controllers. That still doesn't work? Then here's the (complicated) solution: Google "Xpadder download" and download Xpadder 5.3 (the latest free version) and download an image of the Xplorer controller off of xpadderwave.com. (Not required, but strongly recommended.) Next, start up Xpadder. It should detect your guitar. Hit the little controller icon and a menu will pop up. Click "New" and follow the instructions to configure your guitar. Map the fret buttons to some keyboard keys and the strum bar the same. Start up Frets on Fire again and reconfigure your controls by using those keyboard keys you set up. Frets on Fire should work now!


Answer 9 years ago

Actually, Ive already solved the problem, the only thing wrong was my CD drive, thank you for the input though.