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How can I use a stepper motor that has no markings on it? (voltage, amps, rotation degrees) Just model numbers. Answered

all i found on the internet is this from reprap.org
and probably they are out of some Ricoh machine

seen table on attached image

my stepper motors are:

Stepper Motors

B652 4722A 5Z04AT4
B652 4722A 5803AT1
B652 4722A 6224AT1
B652 4722A 6224AT1
B180 4801A 6424AT1



Best Answer 2 years ago

Based on the form factor it wont be higher than 1.5A tops, probably around 1A.


360/1.8=200steps per rev.

What else are you looking for?

i want to buy some power supply for them, i have a L293D chip, is it good for controlling nema 17? i have some difficulties

No, a quick google shows that chip is only good for 600ma, better bet would be a L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver, it can do 2A, and power them with the 5V output from a standard ATX pc psu.