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How can I use my Laptop as a monitor for my Wii/Gamecube? Answered

Well I want to play my Gamecube games on my laptop, so is there any way I can do this? If not, can I do it with a Wii, because that plays GC games too.


You could buy a cable like the one below(see link). hook the video and audio cables to this usb part and it should work. you don't need to use the exact one shown below, you could probably find a suitable cable at a best buy store or similar. I don't promise that this will work, but I don't see why it wouldn't.

heres how you do it.
open your laptop and rip the top half off
their should be a lot of wires, so then find the right one and get entirely metal scissors to cut them.
now unscrew your wii and pick out three wires. it matters which one, and cut them, then wrap those three wii wires around the other three monitor wires.
It just might work.

And the funny thing is that it just might work.......

Unless your laptop has video capture hardware, you can't.

If you have to ask, it almost certainly doesn't.

Oh, it doesn't come as standard then on some computers?

OMG! Am I your 2450th commenter? :O:O:O