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How can I use my PC as a phone using my regular land line? Answered

I used to have a program on my pc that allowed me to use it as a regular phone. It had an address book, caller ID, and would record conversations.


What orksecurity said. You need the right kind of modem, but if you can find one used it should be very cheap. Searching ebay for voice modem turns up a bunch of possibilities. You'll need to make sure it supports talking, not just recording messages or voice mail.

Only some modems have the circuitry/software needed to support this. If the one that came with your PC doesn't, you may need to replace it.

i'm no expert, but i think any modern pc should be able to do it, you just need the phone software.

the problem is, that type of software is probably pretty rare these days. most people would just use voip. i did find one site that does it, though. the link was from a guy who said it was really buggy, but that post was from 2006… so maybe they've fixed the problems by now.