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How can I use the internal hard drive from an old laptop as an external hard drive for my new laptop? Answered

My Acer laptop died and I pulled the internal hard drive (HD) from it before recycling it.  There's data on the HD that I'd like to retrieve.  How can I access the data on this internal HD while also using it as an external HD with my new laptop?  When answering my question, please assume that I'm a techo-idiot.  Thanks. 



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you're not in a hurry, external hard drive enclosures are available from eBay for around $6.  With free shipping.  If the laptop isn't too old, it's probably a 2.5" (width) HDD so you probably need a 2.5" enclosure.  As to how to install the HDD, that's been covered:
Usually it is quite simple.  I've done it for four different HDD over the years.  Each one was smaller and simpler to do.  Good luck!

Wow.  I had no idea there was so simple a solution to my quest! I measured my HDD and it's 2 3/4" wide.  Is there wiggle room inside the 2.5" HDD case to accommodate my drive? 

You're correct about finding the HDD cases on e-bay - I found gobs for approx. $6.  Thanks heaps for your assistance.

Go down to the local PC store and buy an external hard drive case, with aUSB output. Plug in old drive in case, plug USB into PC.

I checked with our local Radio Shack and HDD cases there begin at $30 plus tax.  Although I'm into instant gratification, I decided to wait a bit and bought a case through e-bay for less than $6.  Thanks for your help - I had no idea there is such a simple fix to my problem.