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How can I use the parts from a broken Nintendo DS to upgrade my DS? Answered

My friend gave me his broken DS, and since I didn't have any other way of taking it apart, I ripped it apart by the hinges. So now I want to know how I can do these things to my DS to make it better: Add a second battery socket to increase battery life x2 Add new speakers for double sound Add one screen to each side of the Touch Screen Put more buttons to enhance gameplay Add more LEDs for more signals Merge the two DS outer shells together to make a multi-colored DS Anything is appreciated. Thanks.


You need a tri-wing screwdriver. Get one cheap on ebay. There's no room inside for an extra battery. However, there's no reason you cant take a charged battery and a small screwdriver with you when you go out with your ds. Adding speakers will do no good without adding amplification. Additional buttons, leds, and screens would require both sophisticated additional circuitry and altered or all-new software. This is foolish. It would be easier to design a new game console. The only thing you CAN do on your list is a multi-colored ds. If both units are authentic Nintendo cases... you can simply mix and match the pieces to have say a red to and a blue bottom. Of course, recasing a ds is a delicate and often frustrating venture. The top-screen ribbon cable is particularly difficult to wrangle.