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How can I wire a lamp to a digital clock? Answered

I'm trying to make a clock/lamp to conserve outlet space. How can I wire the lamp to a digital clock? Is this even possible? 

I want to take a digital clock and wire it to the lamp then mount the lamp and clock inside a fixture made of Plexiglas or wood. 
This is sort of an experiment. 


Do the clock and lamp need to function separately? The issue is going to be the power requirements and finding a way to power both devices on one plug without overloading something and splitting up the power.

The easiest and cheapest solution is to buy a plug splitter.

If the clock has an alarm, the easiest option is probably to use the signal supplied to the buzzer/speaker to switch a bistable circuit as can be made with a 555. This would however have to be manually switched off. If you want the light to stay on for a preset time after activation, a 555 setup as a monostable would work.

This would tie the light to the alarm meaning to turn on the light you would have to set and alarm. This is fine if you want have the light come on once a day and be manually turned off.